Marketing for Apps and Websites

Is there a thing for marketing for apps and websites? This was a question that has been bugging me for months now. But when I saw an article in a website where a digital agency has been making rounds for being one of the best when it comes to marketing these types of platform, my question was answered.

Apparently, there are people who handles this services. Actually, I was looking for one because I am planning to put up a website and an app for my future business which is about farming of organic goods. Organic farming has been close to the family’s heart since we were introduced by this by our great grandfather who was a humble farmer.

For the website, I plan to put helpful and engaging articles which I will write and will also be written by contributors. There, I will also show a gallery of my family farm where we grow organic vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, and more.

For the app, I plan to make an engaging one. In there, I will put fun games about farming, where a person can have his own organic farm. I will also give notifications on trivia’s for the day and even tips. That would be so cool!

With this, I am planning to hire a specialist on website and app marketing, who can help me in boosting traffic. I know that if an app or a website has a lot of traffic, advertisers will look for us. That would be a nice venture!