A Nice Business Solution

Do you ever think of a safe place to store your business stuff? Do you think having a physical office with some shelves and compartments are enough to keep hold of your important documents, files, and business materials? Well, think again. There is the advent of self storage solutions for you and your business which greatly helps in a very impactful way.


Imagine, you no longer have to deal with the mess for a pile of papers that are important to your business, you no longer have to keep a vault, though it is absolutely fine if you do not have, and you can just rent a cheap self storage spot in one of the great companies providing this service? This way, you can focus more on your goal of building more and more sales for your brand and you just have to trust the company to do their job. What is best about this is that you can actually access it anytime 24/7 during the weekends and there are special offers and promos too which makes it so inviting to rent for one. Are you now thinking of doing the same for your business? Let me share with you some of my experiences!

Looking for a photographer


I am an aspiring model. Since I was a kid, I love posing in front of the camera—either goofing around and making funny faces or just posing like a top model aka Tyra Banks or Miranda Kerr. I love the Victoria’s Secret angels and all other supermodels of the world. Recently, my friend, who is a model agent, said I can pass as a print ad model. If only I have a portfolio to present. Well, I only had selfies and some random shots by my friend when we were at the cafe or in the street and I think it will not be something I can be proud of. I am now thinking to collaborate with a photographer or any photo enthusiast who can help me in creating a portfolio.

I can do fashion shoots and I also got a few clothes to choose from. I am also keen to look for a make-up artist though I know how to do simple and classy make-up for myself. It is still different if someone puts make-up on you. If only my friend is here with me. I have been looking for quite sometime now. My friend, who own lots of cameras—digital cameras, 360 grad kamera , and all, is currently out of the country so I can’t seek help from her. I hope you, my readers, could recommend someone who can help me with this. Promise I ‘ll do my best and thankyou for the referral in advance! Happy Sunday!