Moving In

Hi there girls! I am moving in with my partner to start a new life with him. He is an information technologay specialist and I am a photographer. I am actually not involved in anything technology and I am happy that he is there when there are times I am dealing with digital dilemma. Like last time, I have to deal with a deadline and the internet just went off. I am really pissed because I have to pass some requirement on my projects I am involved in and i was really going ballistic.

But since he was there, he said I really should have our wifi router tested, called wlan access point test so that I will not be dealing with this ever again. For me, this was really a relief. I am a little overwhelmed because he was really informative in telling me all these tech and technical stuff I have not heard before.

I am just happy he is there to guide me. Right now, I am a little confident on dealing with internet and i have also talked to my internet provider. They were really sorry about what happened and they are thinking of replacing my new router. I am happy with their deliver and  right now I am thinking about moving in and the new apartment me and my partner will move into.

Think About 360 Photography

Okay so as a blogger I feel like I’m at this point where I have to make a decision. I’m either going to buy a 360 degree camera, or I’m not. The implications are way bigger than it might seem like. Either I’m going to keep putting content the way in, or I’m going to start making brand new content to put up that uses this revolutionary new method of Photography and videography.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about Humanity it’s that people are always excited for the next advancement, unless it’s not the right advancement. Knowing whether one is the right advancement or not as nearly impossible, until you are Looking Backward respectively.

It’s the same reason why people continued to make record players even after cassettes had become a thing, and the same reason that people continue to make cassettes after CDs had become a thing, and the same reason the people continue to make CDs even though digital music and iPods have now dominated the world of personalized music for a very very long time.

So, that’s where I’m at with this whole 3D photography movement. There are many 360 camera options that are probably worth investing in, there is relatively little risk compared to the potentially massive reward. I do suggest you look for the best 360 camera. The risk is small, it just means investing some time and energy, and a little bit of money, into a new technology form that seems to be taking off.

The reward is potentially vital, it means that I would stay relevant instead of being left behind by something that could potentially change everything when it comes to content creation. Now I know that this is not a Blog but people depend on for crazy technology, but what is crazy technology one day becomes the norm of the next day, and I don’t want this Blood to become outdated, so I am considering engaging with 360 cameras and photography, and videography, just to stay topical and keep you, my readers, engaged.