Cameras for the Road


I am a professional photographer for the past seven and a half year. Since i was in highschool, I am so fond of taking pictures and videos of our family outings and getaways nd I always love chasing summits, sunsets, and taking pictures of random people I meet. In college, I pursued a degree in the arts, and I majored in photography. I also landed a nice internship program in a reputable newspaper and i strted working too as a photographer for new magazines new the town where I get to meet alot of people and deal with many different projects I am passionate about


. I have been travelling the whole world—from Costa Rica to Madrid and Buenos Aires to Tokyo just to capture many beautiful sceneries, people’s lives, and momentous events in the world. Currently, i have six cameras i always bring with me wherever I go, so that I can have options as to what cameras to use depending on the situation. Aside from these main cameras, I also have some cameras for specific needs, not necessarily to my profession but for efficient and for specific purposes only. I recently lbought a nice handy camera for some random shots. I also bought a Polaroid camera when I am being lazy to go out and just want to take selfies and all. I actually enjoy using them on my downtime. The latest I bought was a drone, which I have been using to rove virtually in a new place. To scout for new places and see different angles from the top view. This is actually eing used by many But for me, I use it just to see things around even when i am in place. I also bought a dashcam and had it for dashcam test 2018. Yes, i know this is for cars. I placed it in my car two weeks ago and I am just amazed od how it can document my travel, the road that is. It is very efficient for me as it records everyting. In other countries, they use it for safety purposes and as evident, as proof of pieces of evidence whenever there are some road accidents or untoward incidents that have been recorded in the daasham. This is actually helpful and really a nice investment especaully for people with cars, with motorbikes, and even bikers. You can even put it in your helmet if you do not want it in front of your bike. There are many ways how to use dashcams and they are an effective too n documenting. In fact, there have been many companies who recommend or make as madantory to have dashcams in cars and in motorbikes for easier tracking and evidences if ever there are untoward incidents that happpend, you can easily secure a video. This helps in crime solving too. As you also depend on CCTVs, dashcams are a surefire way of getting evidences through videos too and I think this can greatly help authorities.