Cool things I bought under 500

So, it was my husband’s birthday recently, and I didn’t know what to get him. Actually, that’s a lie, I knew exactly what to get him, I just was reluctant to do so. You see my husband has a very manly man who loves the most common manly things that you can imagine for his birthday, so you know he really wanted to buy things like outdoor grills, portable stoves, all sorts of that type of camping and outdoorsy supplies; which I researched on Survival Cooking. But, selfishly, I really wanted to buy him a really nice watch. You see, I had stumbled onto this page that was showing all sorts of amazing choices– best watches under 500, and I couldn’t help but think that that is exactly the kind of thing that I wish my husband had. And, secretly, I know that he really wants stuff like that too, because whenever we’re going to some kind of nice event, he gets so self-conscious. He never knows what to wear, and he always feels lame that he doesn’t have anything that makes him stand out or look like he is fancy enough to be my date, since I always look so spectacular that these kind of events, it’s kind of my thing to have very nice accessories and a knockout dress. Lol. That’s just where it’s at. Anyway, we had a bit of extra money this year, so I decided to get him both. I bought him a top-of-the-line the cooler that everybody says is the highest functioning one, what you very much appreciated, but I also bought him the watch that I wanted him to have. And it warms my heart to see how thrilled he was to receive both gifts, but especially the wristwatch.