Finding a Great Realtor in Vancouver

So, I don’t live in the Vancouver area, and it turns out that I don’t plan on it. I was kind of curious about moving to the area because I think it’s really amazing, and I’ve really enjoyed my vacations there. I reached out to a few Vancouver Realtors and none of them really got back to me, except for one fellow who was probably one of the most polite and kind professionals I’ve ever spoken to in a situation like this. So, I’m going to go out of my way, and give a shout out to this Vancouver Realtor, Eddie Yan, who is just a stand-up guy.

He didn’t ask me to do this or anything, I’m doing it because I had such a satisfying experience in that becomes so rare in today’s day and age. He knew that it was likely that I wasn’t going to buy property, but it was very patient and informative anyway, and that’s the sort of compassion that you don’t always experience in the sales world’s these days. Needless to say, I was very impressed and honored that I would be granted so much time, when I was only making a modest inquiry about some Burnaby condos for sale that I had read about on a website online. Before that, I have also got to stumble upon Coal Harbour Condos for sale in another website.

He told me all about the Vancouver housing market, how it is risen so much over the years, and give me some information that would suggest that it’s going to continue to rise and that buying a property is a wise investment, but he also warned me about the potential risks involved. I’m not going to say that definitely not going to invest in a condo in the Vancouver area, but I don’t think I can afford it right now, and I must admit that the risks are a little bit scary for somebody like me. When I begin to take the stone with Eddie, he was not upset at all and he totally understood. Again, A Class Act through and through. Do you know a Vancouver realtor? Let me know!