Friendly Filters

Realizing that the Filter is an active participant in an image, and figuring out how to balance that within the image itself, rather than slapping a filter on and saying that it is interesting. That, my friends, is a lot like putting makeup on a pig. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the phrase putting makeup on a pig but it can basically mean that you are just slapping something pretty on top of something ugly and hoping that that makes the ugly thing pretty. I absolutely see this perspective while I am looking through a lot of filtered photographs, but that’s not enough to make me cynical about the thing. The thing is, a lot of people who learn their lessons. When I look back at the pictures I used to filter, it was so obvious that they were filtered, it wasn’t even close. There was not even a hint of subtlety in it. No fading in, it was just putting the best filter on a regular image. However, a lot of that could have been that at that time there wasn’t as many options that you could manually choose between. Still, I shouldn’t be making excuses for myself, I apologize, I am guilty of the very thing that I am complaining about, at the moment. Isn’t that such a strange sensation, when that occurs. Anyway, thing with a good filter is that it doesn’t steal too much Focus.