Ipsy Glam Bag ~ February 2015

Hey guys! I got my February Ipsy bag today!! Yippee! I’m not gonna lie, the weight and thickness of the package was a little disappointing, but this month was definitely better than last month!
If this is your first time hearing about Ipsy – Ipsy is a monthly subscription box. It’s one of the cheapest too, at only $10/month. Every month you receive 5 beauty products, and at least one of them will be full-size. My favorite part though are the makeup bags they come in! I loooove being organized, so they definitely don’t go to waste! Ipsy also gives you some nice discounts on the products that were sent to you. Another perk is that you can earn points by reviewing each product you received, and you can redeem even more products with your points!

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here. (:
So I guess the theme this month is #ipsyLOVE ? They kind of had a pretty dusty-rose, pink colored theme, too. This bag actually got me super excited for Valentines Day!! It’s really super cute! And I mean, look at those huge balloons! That’s like every girls dream photo-shoot! 🙂
Here is the back of the card. It’s super cute and I love the emoticons! 😀 The card reads, “Love is just a word… Until you find something or something to give it meaning. This February we’re celebrating warm hugs, butterflies in your stomach, a new favorite blush, your best friend’s tweets -LOVE in all its wondrous forms and ways to express it.”
And here are the products I received!
If you can’t tell from the picture- everything is full-size except for the mask, and I think the lip gloss is a deluxe sample.
This is in the color Anguilla. It’s basically a Cotton Dusty Rose color. It’s really pretty!! I used this on chapped lips – not recommended. So I haven’t really gotten a chance to see how the product actually looks. One thing I do know though, is that it’s a little too sticky for my liking. Then again, 99.99% of lip glosses are, in my opinion. The color is sooo beautiful though! I’ll wear it just for that reason!
HEY HONEY Take It Off! Exfoliating Mask – $35
So this teeny-tiny bottle is only 10 ml. The full-size is 50 ml. I actually doubt 10 ml. will even cover my whole face. And since I’m being a Negative Nancy, I don’t like samples like these, because it’s not enough product to see if it actually does anything for my skin! On a more positive note, the packaging of this is adorable! And it smells sooo good! As a browse through their website, I have an urge to just buy everything because it all looks so lovely! 🙂 Even though this is a tiny sample, I’m still looking forward to trying it!
This is hands-down my favorite thing from this bag! I loove getting brushes! Especially when they’re this pretty! This brush has anti-bacterial coated bristles, they are synthetic and it’s 100% vegan. The handle is also a Cotton Dusty Rose color. I am so excited to put this brush to the test!!
‘TINI BEAUTY Powder Shadow – $12
I am absolutely in love with this color! It’s called Pearl Fizz. It’s a light, shimmery, champagne color. It’s supposed to be “crease-resistant”. This is a perfect highlight for brow bones and the inner corner of the eye!
Here is it is on the back of my arm:
It’s really hard to see, but keep in mind, this is without primer.
This is thee perfect blush for Valentine’s Day!! This is the color Cosmopolitan. It is super close to this color, maybe a tad more pink. (The filter on the photo makes it appear a little more hot pink, sorry about that). I actually don’t have a blush in a color like this so I am super excited to give it a try!! I tested it on my hand without primer or foundation, but to be honest, I barely saw anything. It will probably show up on my face more, since my face is a tad more pale, and it’ll be on foundation. 🙂
Model Co. blush and the Luxie brush
If you wondering whether or not this bag is worth it, check out these statistics:
Bag Value= $66
Price Paid= $10
$56 saved!!
(Bag Value does not include sample-sized products)
Overall, I really enjoyed this months bag! Especially when I compare it to last months! If this bag was anything like last month, I was actually going to cancel my subscription and get BoxyCharm instead.
Do you receive Ipsy bags? Do you receive BoxyCharm? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments down below! 🙂
Thanks for reading!