Looking for a photographer


I am an aspiring model. Since I was a kid, I love posing in front of the camera—either goofing around and making funny faces or just posing like a top model aka Tyra Banks or Miranda Kerr. I love the Victoria’s Secret angels and all other supermodels of the world. Recently, my friend, who is a model agent, said I can pass as a print ad model. If only I have a portfolio to present. Well, I only had selfies and some random shots by my friend when we were at the cafe or in the street and I think it will not be something I can be proud of. I am now thinking to collaborate with a photographer or any photo enthusiast who can help me in creating a portfolio.

I can do fashion shoots and I also got a few clothes to choose from. I am also keen to look for a make-up artist though I know how to do simple and classy make-up for myself. It is still different if someone puts make-up on you. If only my friend is here with me. I have been looking for quite sometime now. My friend, who own lots of cameras—digital cameras, 360 grad kamera , and all, is currently out of the country so I can’t seek help from her. I hope you, my readers, could recommend someone who can help me with this. Promise I ‘ll do my best and thankyou for the referral in advance! Happy Sunday!