Moving In

Hi there girls! I am moving in with my partner to start a new life with him. He is an information technologay specialist and I am a photographer. I am actually not involved in anything technology and I am happy that he is there when there are times I am dealing with digital dilemma. Like last time, I have to deal with a deadline and the internet just went off. I am really pissed because I have to pass some requirement on my projects I am involved in and i was really going ballistic.

But since he was there, he said I really should have our wifi router tested, called wlan access point test so that I will not be dealing with this ever again. For me, this was really a relief. I am a little overwhelmed because he was really informative in telling me all these tech and technical stuff I have not heard before.

I am just happy he is there to guide me. Right now, I am a little confident on dealing with internet and i have also talked to my internet provider. They were really sorry about what happened and they are thinking of replacing my new router. I am happy with their deliver and  right now I am thinking about moving in and the new apartment me and my partner will move into.