Smart Wifi Baby Monitor

Hi my dear readers!

I have to say that being a modern mother requires active participation online. I usually spend a lot of time on the Net and look for the best opportunities for my kid; I want to become the best parent as it can be possible. Today, I’d like to represent an interesting stuff –  Comfort Com. It was created to monitor baby’s movements together with a specific app. I don’t have any problems with a nanny – I trust her, but sometimes I miss my baby and want to see what she is doing right now. And the reason why I never ask my nanny to send me photos is a Wifi baby monitor. I have 24/7 accsess to Wife baby monitor and I can take these photos myself.

Finally, I received my box. I was wondering what was inside and quickly opened it. I checked everything and visually it was fine. At least it wasn’t broken!

Let’s look a little bit closer at technical characteristics.

Comfort Cam is a reliable and private WiFi enabled HD baby monitor and has all functionality to make the process the most effective. It has Infrared Lights so that you are able to see your child even in the dark. What is more, you can buy two cameras, or even four to connect it together. Comfort Cam allows you to do that. I think, I will buy in the future to check how they work. This camera has zoom and can move, so my baby will not hide from me. No way!  I will monitor her anywhere. It is interesting that I can hear my kid, as well as she can hear me.

Then I downloaded the app and simply follow the instructions there. Nothing complicated, just rely on the app; it might be smarter than you!

Oh, I just want to add that we fixed the camera on the wardrobe to be able to see the full picture. But you can find your own perfect place and it may be different from other’s.

I feel so happy, you even can’t imagine! I didn’t have a chance to see her when I was at work, but now I feel like I am always with her.

If they could create something that will help me to hug and feel her warmness, I would be the happiest woman ever in the world.

I will be glad if you share your experience of using Comfort Cam.

Have you noticed any bug?

Have a lovely day and spend more time with your children.


Real Estate Marketing Assistants Needed

I am using this blog to help my girl friend who is in need of an assistant in her real estate marketing business. Her office is based in the city and she would love to hire at least three office employees who can help her in clients relations as well as a number of office works. Currently, she is on a project and is partnering with a number of real estate giants and she needs people who can work in her team.

Alicia has been in the industry for six years now. I know how Alicia as a boss works and how she can help you in growing you career. I am sure you will definitely learn a lot from this woman.

She also said that fresh graduates are welcome to apply as she knows the youth are open to new ideas, are more dynamic and creative. She is also looking to hire members of her team who are hard working, with a keen eye on details, creative, and can work without maximum supervision.

For people who do not have a background about real estate marketing, here are some information for you.

Real estate marketing is a job where you directly sell houses, townhomes, buildings, establishments good for business and manufacturing sites, and even properties to potential buyers. Aside from looking for customers, real estate marketing also dwells into promoting your services. It can be through one-on-one client meetings, social media activations, website development, or even through below-the-line advertisements such as giving out of flyers  leaf lets, newsletter, and posters.

The goal is to let potential clients and the public in general about your services and how you can help them landing a good deal of property purchase. According to reports, reaching out to people personally can create a greater impact on their purchasing power. Same goes with reaching them out through their social media pages and in the internet. Let them know you exist in the internet world also and you will make a nice impression.

It can also come with having booths, participating in fairs where you have fun activities and giving out of promotional materials. There is a long list of things you can do and try to promote you real estate services. It only takes a lot of creativity and dynamism in executing these projects.

I asked her if she is also in need of possible interns for her business and she said yes! So for everyone who is in need of a job and whom you think is fit for this awesome position, do send me an email or just check out Alicia’s business website.  So what are you waiting for? If you think you see yourself doing this kind of job and you have the requirements, I will definitely be glad to refer you to my friend. I am sure you will do well.

Thankyou and I wish you luck on your career!

Finding a Great Realtor in Vancouver

So, I don’t live in the Vancouver area, and it turns out that I don’t plan on it. I was kind of curious about moving to the area because I think it’s really amazing, and I’ve really enjoyed my vacations there. I reached out to a few Vancouver Realtors and none of them really got back to me, except for one fellow who was probably one of the most polite and kind professionals I’ve ever spoken to in a situation like this. So, I’m going to go out of my way, and give a shout out to this Vancouver Realtor, Eddie Yan, who is just a stand-up guy.

He didn’t ask me to do this or anything, I’m doing it because I had such a satisfying experience in that becomes so rare in today’s day and age. He knew that it was likely that I wasn’t going to buy property, but it was very patient and informative anyway, and that’s the sort of compassion that you don’t always experience in the sales world’s these days. Needless to say, I was very impressed and honored that I would be granted so much time, when I was only making a modest inquiry about some Burnaby condos for sale that I had read about on a website online. Before that, I have also got to stumble upon Coal Harbour Condos for sale in another website.

He told me all about the Vancouver housing market, how it is risen so much over the years, and give me some information that would suggest that it’s going to continue to rise and that buying a property is a wise investment, but he also warned me about the potential risks involved. I’m not going to say that definitely not going to invest in a condo in the Vancouver area, but I don’t think I can afford it right now, and I must admit that the risks are a little bit scary for somebody like me. When I begin to take the stone with Eddie, he was not upset at all and he totally understood. Again, A Class Act through and through. Do you know a Vancouver realtor? Let me know!