Marketing for Apps and Websites

Is there a thing for marketing for apps and websites? This was a question that has been bugging me for months now. But when I saw an article in a website where a digital agency has been making rounds for being one of the best when it comes to marketing these types of platform, my question was answered.

Apparently, there are people who handles this services. Actually, I was looking for one because I am planning to put up a website and an app for my future business which is about farming of organic goods. Organic farming has been close to the family’s heart since we were introduced by this by our great grandfather who was a humble farmer.

For the website, I plan to put helpful and engaging articles which I will write and will also be written by contributors. There, I will also show a gallery of my family farm where we grow organic vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, and more.

For the app, I plan to make an engaging one. In there, I will put fun games about farming, where a person can have his own organic farm. I will also give notifications on trivia’s for the day and even tips. That would be so cool!

With this, I am planning to hire a specialist on website and app marketing, who can help me in boosting traffic. I know that if an app or a website has a lot of traffic, advertisers will look for us. That would be a nice venture!

Images for Websites

Thanks for coming to my blog, gorgeous and stuff, where everything is hopefully, gorgeous and stuff. Seems like a pretty easy theme to follow, right? Like it’s probably just some basic formula that is repeated over and over in a different way? Well, to an extent, that’s true. If you’ve got good taste, it’s never hard to find the best stuff. However, maybe I shouldn’t be saying “never” because for years and years I have struggled to find effective stock photography for any of my trip project. Navigating stock photography is one of the most annoying parts about managing site or posting blog posts. Seriously, every time I go in optimistic, and no matter how great the article goes, finding the corresponding image in most of the stock photography sites that I’ve been using has been absolutely Dreadful and horrible and all sorts of other negative adjectives.

Why am I complaining about it? Well, first of all, because it’s horrible and it’s part of my life and what else is the internet for if it’s not to complain and have people read it? How ever beautiful your website builder made on your blog, if the photos are not good, then it’s a total waste of time. But, I’m also complaining because I am just trying to provide context for a new solution I found that I am absolutely totally completely super excited about. For real though. It’s awesome.

I’m speaking of course of EyeEm, this totally new, totally great, totally awesome, totally way better than any of the Alternatives type of image hosting site, filled with Stock Photography that is like actually interesting and engaging. For me, this site has been like the rain after a horrible drought, fresh air after a whole day in the car, or… Well, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Seriously though, there is nothing less heartening, or more disheartening, then finishing an article that use super love, and having to attach some boring image that doesn’t mean anything. All of the sudden, that problem is solved for me, and all is right in the world. Thanks EyeEm!


Radha Beauty ~ Review!

Helloooo readers! Recently I had an opportunity to test out 3 fabulous products from Radha Beauty! I made it my routine to use these 3 products every single night and every single morning for about 2 weeks. I’m always a little weary about using new products, because I have super sensitive skin and break out easily. But, I had no problems with these products.
In case you’re wondering… Yes, this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are 100% my own. I’m not getting paid to give a positive review. These are my actual thoughts and opinions of the products.
First, I apply their Intensive Youth Eye Gel around my eye area. I could feel this working right away, actually. I felt the skin around my eyes tightening up and firming. This stuff didn’t burn or sting or anything. It kind of smelled like plants (probably from the plant stem cells?). All in all, I really enjoyed this product. I noticed my eye area was a little brighter and less dull.
Second, I use a little of their Vitamin C Serum all over my face, avoiding the eye area. I only put on a very thin layer. I looove this stuff. I had a few breakouts, and it almost cured them. It’s like this stuff shrunk them in size and healed them a little. I also noticed my face was a little brighter. The only thing I wish was different with this product, is that it doesn’t smell like oranges! I wish it did!
Lastly, I used their Retionol Moisturizer. This is my favorite out of the 3 products I tried. I waited until the Vitamin C Serum was completely dry before applying this, as is suggested. At first it looks like this stuff won’t absorb into your skin, but after a second or two of rubbing in circles, it vanishes right into your skin and instantly makes it soft. It’s just simply amazing! I noticed my skin clear up with this and it became a little brighter, too.
Overall, I highly suggest these products! I love all three of them and I was completely shocked at how nice they made my skin feel and look. When I wake up in the morning, my face feels like a babies butt, I kid you not. There were some mornings were I couldn’t stop touching my face. xD
Radha Beauty makes a few other products too. They have a shop on Amazon – check them out here. And just throwing this out there… they are such a nice company. I talked to a few people there, and they seemed so genuinely nice. If you like supporting small companies, I highly suggest supporting them and trying out their products, too. You will immediately be able to tell that they are passionate about their products and what they do.
Do you have a bedtime/morning ritual? I would love to know what you do! Tell me in the comments below!