Keep Rockin’ Unu Motors

UNU Motors is one company I will always look up to. Nowadays, some giant companies only care for profit that the public, and the world as a whole, is being affected. Never mind what the consequences may be. Good thing there are companies like UNU Motors. The company may be a little young but their products and services are very promising that I think it will benefit the society.

Let’s start first with the fact that Unu motors, especially its electric scooter or their ‘elektrische scooter,’ is a great benefit for someone like me who is an everyday commuter. Every day, from Monday to Friday, I go to work as an interior designer, which is an hour away from whwre I live. We all know that traffic can be a little pain in the neck. Even if you own a vehicle, say a car, you cannot escape traffic. Maybe some road apps can help you definitely; you will always be a victim of traffic and the stress it gives in one way or another.

So now that Unu Motors is offering a product that might actually save us from this Its electric scooters, designed for easier and better transport, is now being sold in the market. It does not only give an affordable price but its benefits for a commuter are insurmountable.

While other vehicles boast of its features like the look, Unu Motor’s electric scooters are something more than that. It is lightweight. It is also very affordable considering its many benefits. Also, I just learned that it has a portable battery which is an edge when you are always on the road. Aside from that, ut gives you the peace of mind of commuting without being too much of a discomfort to other people. It is important that whenever we are out on the road, we do not disturb other people that are why I love the it creates no sound at all. I suggest you buy this kind of electric scooter because it is really an investment.

Cool things I bought under 500

So, it was my husband’s birthday recently, and I didn’t know what to get him. Actually, that’s a lie, I knew exactly what to get him, I just was reluctant to do so. You see my husband has a very manly man who loves the most common manly things that you can imagine for his birthday, so you know he really wanted to buy things like outdoor grills, portable stoves, all sorts of that type of camping and outdoorsy supplies; which I researched on Survival Cooking. But, selfishly, I really wanted to buy him a really nice watch. You see, I had stumbled onto this page that was showing all sorts of amazing choices– best watches under 500, and I couldn’t help but think that that is exactly the kind of thing that I wish my husband had. And, secretly, I know that he really wants stuff like that too, because whenever we’re going to some kind of nice event, he gets so self-conscious. He never knows what to wear, and he always feels lame that he doesn’t have anything that makes him stand out or look like he is fancy enough to be my date, since I always look so spectacular that these kind of events, it’s kind of my thing to have very nice accessories and a knockout dress. Lol. That’s just where it’s at. Anyway, we had a bit of extra money this year, so I decided to get him both. I bought him a top-of-the-line the cooler that everybody says is the highest functioning one, what you very much appreciated, but I also bought him the watch that I wanted him to have. And it warms my heart to see how thrilled he was to receive both gifts, but especially the wristwatch.




Smart Wifi Baby Monitor

Hi my dear readers!

I have to say that being a modern mother requires active participation online. I usually spend a lot of time on the Net and look for the best opportunities for my kid; I want to become the best parent as it can be possible. Today, I’d like to represent an interesting stuff –  Comfort Com. It was created to monitor baby’s movements together with a specific app. I don’t have any problems with a nanny – I trust her, but sometimes I miss my baby and want to see what she is doing right now. And the reason why I never ask my nanny to send me photos is a Wifi baby monitor. I have 24/7 accsess to Wife baby monitor and I can take these photos myself.

Finally, I received my box. I was wondering what was inside and quickly opened it. I checked everything and visually it was fine. At least it wasn’t broken!

Let’s look a little bit closer at technical characteristics.

Comfort Cam is a reliable and private WiFi enabled HD baby monitor and has all functionality to make the process the most effective. It has Infrared Lights so that you are able to see your child even in the dark. What is more, you can buy two cameras, or even four to connect it together. Comfort Cam allows you to do that. I think, I will buy in the future to check how they work. This camera has zoom and can move, so my baby will not hide from me. No way!  I will monitor her anywhere. It is interesting that I can hear my kid, as well as she can hear me.

Then I downloaded the app and simply follow the instructions there. Nothing complicated, just rely on the app; it might be smarter than you!

Oh, I just want to add that we fixed the camera on the wardrobe to be able to see the full picture. But you can find your own perfect place and it may be different from other’s.

I feel so happy, you even can’t imagine! I didn’t have a chance to see her when I was at work, but now I feel like I am always with her.

If they could create something that will help me to hug and feel her warmness, I would be the happiest woman ever in the world.

I will be glad if you share your experience of using Comfort Cam.

Have you noticed any bug?

Have a lovely day and spend more time with your children.