Worth The Wait

I am have saving a part of my allowance for quite some time now so I can buy three wood watch for my three friends. I already have one and ever since I received my wood watch via delivery, I so how my friends envy me. And so as part of our yearly friendship day—yes we have like that in our squad—I will buy them three wood watch. For me, the best wooden watches ever can be found in the online store I checked out. It was where I bought. Apart from their superb customer service and prompt delivery and hassle free transactions, I also saw their collection which fits perfectly for our goup. In our group, we have a different personality. Ada is the sporty type. She loes volleyball and hockey and she is also a varsity player. Minae meanwhile is a bookworm . You can always find her burying her head in the library and though we find her weird sometimes, we still love that woman. Nimfa is the go getter kind of person. She is a businesswoman who manages a few online shops for our pet dogs and cats. She is a very hands on person. And lastly, my friend Fiona is the singer in the group. She recently held her concert in our local stadium and though a lot of people admire her, she has not left or neglect the group. I am the traveler type. I am always abroad or in other city trying out new things that is why I love to give them gifts so they can still remember me even when I am out of the town.